softcover journals

my second attempt at coptic stitch. initially, i had planned to used this as a school notebook. but i think i'll be using it as a personal journal instead.

the cover and spine are made with thick paper. it's very plain.

i also made one with a snowflake, as a christmas gift for a friend.


construction paper journal

this is my first attempt at making a journal.

here are the front and back cover, made from some construction paper i had lying around.

i didn't know better: i used elmer's white glue, and the paper got all wrinkled. also, i should have trimmed the black construction paper i used for the spine; i didn't and it's too thick and it shows through the cover... oh well, at least, i learned something.

for the inside pages, i used ordinary computer paper, on which i printed some lines.

i followed this tutorial to attach the cover:
and this tutorial to stich the signatures:

anyway, this was fun! for my next project, i am planning to make a notebook for school or something.


peach-colored clutch

a while ago, i found a link with a pattern and tutorial for this clutch. i finally made it recently.

it's entirely handsewn since i didn't have access to a sewing machine that day. it was a quick project, done in one evening, while watching tv. all materials were scraps that i found in mom's sewing closet.


showing lining:


grey bookbag

this is my first completed project, so i made it as simple as possible. i use it to carry extra textbooks that are too heavy for my backpack.

here it is:

close-up of the flower: