knitted mittens in dark burgundy

another attempt at knitting mittens, following the tutorial here:

i was following the instructions for the ladies' size. halfway through the first mitten, i realized that it was too big on me. probably because i have small hands, and i was using 4.5mm needles instead of the 3.25mm as indicated in the instructions. so i had to start over again. i hate unravelling projects.

second try: i followed the number of stitches for the children's medium size, while keeping all the lengths of the ladies' size. i followed the instructions until the end, and saw that it resulted in a weirdly shaped mitten, very pointy pyramid at the tip. more unravelling had to be done.

i re-did the shape at the tip. i decreased until 16 stitches remain, before finishing. for the thumb, i decreased until 10 stitches remain.

now that the pair is knitted, i see that the tip is still a bit pointy. for a rounder shape, i probably should have decreased until 20 stitches only. bah, i'll try that next time.