convocation dress

again, using simplicity 5112, mom made my convocation dress, with a heavier print fabric. i quite like the way it turned out.

the shrug was made following a fitz pattern, with some stretchy lacy material.


striped halter dress

when mom and i went shopping for a dress to wear at convocation, it was disappointing. we saw some nice dresses, but those were pricey. we found some simpler dresses, but the material looked and felt cheap. finally, we bought a pattern instead: simplicity 5112. it is a simple halter dress.

but before making the convocation dress with nice material, mom found some cheaper material in her sewing closet. it is a cotton, with a striped print; it makes me think of bedsheets. we tried the pattern with the cotton, to make sure that the sizing is correct, and that the style would suit me.

i was happy enough with the result, but found the dress a bit too short. so mom added a lace trim at the hemline. i find that this added detail makes the dress nicer.

i hadn't planned on actually wearing the dress; it was more just to try out the pattern. but i love it so much now; it is perfect for summer. i can't wait until the temperature rises so that i can wear it.

bad quality pic taken with camera-phone: