knitted mittens - second season

last year was my first time knitting mittens. but i had used thick cheap yearn, so they barely lasted one season.

this year, i knitted another pair, using thin yarn, made of wool. this resulted in a finer knit, which will hopefully keep my hands warmer.

i tried to follow the same tutorial as last year:

but i had to make lots of modifications to account for the thinner needle and yarn:
- cast on 60 stitches.
- k1 p1 ribbing for 36 rounds.
- when making thumb gusset, knit 3 rounds even after each increase.
- increase until there are 21 stitches between the purled stitches.
- after setting aside the 21 stitches, cast on 3 stitches, for a total of 60.
- knit 32 rounds even.
- shape the top, decreasing until a total of 28 stitches.
- for the thumb, pick up 21+3 stitches.
- knit 20 rounds even.
- shape top, decreasing until 18 stitches.

it came out alright, even though my knitting is not completely even. i just need more practice.