exercise books

when i was in elementary school, the school provided us with exercise books. over the years, we accumulated a number of these partially filled notebooks. it seemed like a waste to throw away, so we've kept them in storage for all these years.

finally, i've found something to do with them. i un-stapled all the books, and re-bound the pages into signatures. i took the covers of one of the notebooks, and covered it with scrapbooking paper.

the cover i took was blue. i covered it with thin beige scrapbooking paper. i used white glue, which seeped through, resulting in those weird blue spots on the cover. after the binding was done, i made the mistake of pressing the book in between two heavy phone books, before the glue completely dried. when i took off the phone books, it left those white marks on the cover. so basically, i completely messed up the cover of this notebook. but it's not too big of a deal, since i intended to use this as my own private journal, eventually.

front cover, with blue and white spots:


spine detail:

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