apple cupcakes with maple buttercream

another mix-and-bake experiment with apples.

i found a simple cupcake recipe:

i halved the cupcake recipe to make only a dozen. i didn't have any nutmeg, so i omitted it from the mix. i mixed everything by hand, so the butter+sugar mix was probably not as 'pale and fluffy' as it should have been. oh well.


i had to bake a bit longer than instructed; the bottom of the cupcakes had seemed undercooked when i first took them out of the oven.

before baking:

after baking:

i found a very simple maple buttercream recipe:

again, i halved the recipe since i doubted that i would need 2 cups of frosting. still, it ended up being too much for only 12 cupcakes. i had to use an electric mixer to get the right texture.

it was my first time trying to use a piping bag. i did a poor frosting job; it looks so sad:

the cupcakes turned out soft and moist, which i like. the buttercream was a bit too sweet for my taste, which is why i didn't load the cupcakes with too much of it. still edible though.

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njosnavelin said...

They were really good :)
Perhaps you can modify the icing next time or use a different one.

I have actually never tried to do pipe frosting. So mine usually look strange because I just spoon/knife them with icing.